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Hot Body: Shortest Sorority Skirt Contest (2001)

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Join us as Hot Body puts its own personal spin on "higher education." John Cross and his academically gifted crew focus their attention on some coed action too hot to be allowed on campus. Matriculate with Hot Body as we present: The Shortest Sorority Skirt Contest. 9 sexy contestants wreak havoc with the collegiate dress code.
But as we at Hot Body always say, "what dress code?" Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the doors of a college sorority? Well, keep wondering, but we'll take you backstage at the contest for some footage that is every bit as revealing. Sharpen your pencils boys, here comes Ariel, Michelle Louise, Katie Jordon, Chanel Stevens, Lexis St. Cloud, Tabitha Stern, Kellemarie, Alisha Lee and Nikki Nova. Who needs Spring Break when you've got the sizzling, totally nude, extra curricular activity of Shortest Sorority Skirt Contest!

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