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Playboy Video Centerfold: Luann Lee (1986)

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Toss your board in the woodie and hang on for the ride. Playmate Luann Lee is taking you on a "California vacation!"

From the beach to the bright lights, the Video Centerfold beauty is your guide to her personal, very private playgrounds by the Pacific.

Share a beach blanket with Luann and Playmate pals Cher Butler and Katherine Hushaw. They've staked out a secluded cove to work on their "all-over" tans.

Then, fasten your seat belt for a classic LA "cruise" with Luann and Playmate Christine Richters along Hollywood Boulevard. And, don't miss her red-hot performance in the original music video "You're The One."

Boogie boarding, skating and in sensuous nude scenes, Luann Lee is one California earthquake that's "faultless."

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