» » » Массажный салон "Эльвира" / Massagesalon Elvira (1978)

Массажный салон "Эльвира" / Massagesalon Elvira (1978)

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A beautiful but innocent blonde (Anne Magle) gets a job at a massage parlour, but thinks she is there only as a masseuse. She is shocked by the goings on in the other booths - including Clyda Rosen and Karine Gambier, separately in b/g action. The owner (Hubert G?ral) lets her watch him have sex with Christa Abel and gets another man to teach her about sex. She takes to it like a duck to water - literally as she takes on several men in the swimming pool. She is shocked when two foremr school teachers of hers (Prof. Richter and Dr. Langhoff) turn up as clients, but carries on regardless. The three are joined by the owner, Karine Gambier and Clyda for a final orgy.

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