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Девушки Целуют Девушек #23 / Girls Kissing Girls #23 (2019)

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Karen (Brandi Love) is a famous writer and her blog Girls Kissing Girls is one of the most popular blogs in New York City. Everyone is dying to know the latest gossip and juicy stories surrounding the Big Apple. They all want to know what happened between the Governor’s daughter (Alex De La Flor) and her teacher (Reagan Foxx), or the secret love affair between Miss J (Veronica Kirei) and her assistant Tina (Samantha Hayes) during a charity ball at The Ritz. Even better, the young Mrs. Rochester (Honey Gold) has been cheating on her new husband with her personal stylist Lilly (Chanel Preston). Nobody is more eager to know all the gossip than Karen’s girlfriend Jennifer (India Summer). Who knows, maybe she will make the blog someday.

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