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Семейная Скидка / The Family Discount (2019)

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Ella Knox never expected Jay Smooth to come for a massage on a day she was working. She applies some oil and starts rubbing, working quickly down his backside. When he eventually turns over, he's embarrassed to show that he's sporting a huge hard-on. Zac Wild puts aside his papers and sits on the bed next to London River. He begins massaging her shoulders from behind. He's a bit too rough and clumsy at first and apologizes for his inexperience, embarrassed. London assures him that he'll get the hang of it with her guidance. Vienna Rose and Dee Williams decide to share their time with the good-looking masseur Lucas Frost. Eventually, Lucas looks exhausted from bouncing back and forth between them. The girls decide to thank him for his hard work as they lean in to kiss his neck and nibble on his ear on either side.

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