» » » Обещание Женщины / A Woman's Promise (2019)

Обещание Женщины / A Woman's Promise (2019)

Общий бал: 8.8
Проголосовало людей: 12
Добавлено: 23-03-2019, 14:06
Ivy Wolfe is sent to a gay conversion therapy center after she gets caught in a car with another girl. Magdalene St. Michaels runs this center and she runs it with an iron fist. Everyone needs to follow her rules. Ivy is placed in a room with Carter Cruise. She tries her best to help Ivy adapt to her new environment. Although something is not right behind these walls. Ivy brings something unique to this center and all the girls start to feel it. Magdalene tries to fight it and more but it brings back memories of her past that she tries to hide deep inside her soul.

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